Gundrill tool parts

vastuna gundrill tool parts

Gundrill system needs a chip box and some steady rests for supporting gundrills.  We need some parts to link the machine with gundrills.

Vastuna gundrill parts

To use gundrills at a deep hole drilling machine, we need guide bush, front rubber bush and steady rest bush for supporting the gundrills.  Vastuna also supply the bushes and tool parts.

Guide bush

The material is tool steel.  It is very precise with gundrills.  It’s holding the gundrills when the gundrills getting into the workpiece.

gundrill guide bush
Guide bushODDrilling sizeOrder no.
Guide bush 22Ø22mmØ3~14.99mmVR-C041500-22xx
Guide bush 35Ø35mmØ15~25.99mmVR-C042600-35xx
Guide bush 48Ø48mmØ26~37.99mmVR-C043800-48xx
Guide bush 62Ø62mmØ38~50mmVR-C045000-62xx
AdaptorODIDDrawing no.For parts
Adaptor 22Ø62mmØ22mmR20-13S14Guide bush 22
Adaptor 35Ø62mmØ35mmR20-13S15Guide bush 35
Adaptor 48Ø62mmØ48mmR20-13S10-01Guide bush 48

Front rubber bush & Steady rest bush

Front rubber bush – The material is rubber.  It’s for stopping the chips at the end of chip box and sealing.

Steady rest bush – The material is rubber.  It’s for supporting the gundrills at steady rests.  The special material can reduce the gundrills vibrations when drilling.

front rubber bush
Vastuna gundrill parts

We also need drill driver adaptors to link the gundrills with machine spindle.