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About Vastuna

2010 - Established

Vastuna Ltd. was established in 2010. In the begining stage, we supplying precision machine tools part (casting parts with precision machining and filtration systems).  And also supplying high quality deep hole drilling machines (Gun drilling machines and BTA drilling machines).  Our products exported to China, Canada and Europe.

2012 - Manufacture machines

We have our own working shop and prodcution line. We started doing OEM and ODM business of Deep Hole Drilling Machines. The first ODM deep hole drilling machine was finished in 2013.

2013 - Vastuna brand Deep Hole Drilling Machines

We started OBM (Vastuna brand) business of Deep Hole Drilling Machines, and completed the first gundrilling machine (R-Series).

2016 - Completed B Series

We enlarge our production line for our new B-Series (BTA drilling machines). The driling capacity of the B-Series is 2000~6000 mm depth.  In this year, we purchasing solidworks for 3D drawing, all products draw by 3D model, and Enterprise resource planning implementation.

2018 - Subcontract department

Established an other department for providing Deep Hole Drilling Service. We have 4 Deep Hole Drilling Machines to start the business.

2019 - Full range deep hole drilling machines

In 2019, we have full range deep hole drilling machines for cover most market demands.  For gundrilling system, we have 4 Series.  And 2 Series for BTA system.

2020 - Government orders

Obtained the orders from our government.

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