table type gundrilling machine

Gundrilling machine

Off-center holes gundrilling machine

vastuna gundrilling machine

Flexible design table type gundrilling machine.  Customized made available.  Suitable for off-center gundrilling.

F-1000……F Series
F-1000……X axis travel: 1000mm

Drilling diameterS: Ø3~25mm
O: Ø4~30mm
Drilling depthS: 800mm
O: 1000mm
O: 1200mm
Numbers of spindle1
Working table size1200 x 800mm
Loading capacity3000kgs
X axis travel1000mm
Y axis travelS: 600mm
O: 800mm
ControllerMitsubishi / Fanuc

Standard accessories

  1. Chip conveyor and cart
  2. Air conditioner for electrical box
  3. Coolant chiller
  4. Coolant pump
  5. Steady rest for tools
  6. Working light
  7. Tool box
  8. English operation manual

Optional accessories

  1. Drum type paper filter
  2. Guide bush
  3. Steady rest guide bush
  4. Gundrill resharping grinding machine
  5. Full cover safety guard
  6. Oil centrifugal extractor
  7. Transformer

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