Deep Hole Drilling Machine

in Taiwan

Start the new

Vastuna major business is international trading of the deep hole drilling machine before.

We focus on overseas market. Over these years, We cooperate with European and American machine manufactory to do some OEM and OEM business, through mutual learning and exchange of experience.

Finally, We decided to build our own brand- Vastuna. We want to supply the more perfect machine to our customer and insist only provide advanced processing skill and strict quality control to create the high quality deep hole drilling machine to everyone who deserve it .

vastuna gundrill machine

Do something

 It is a great challenge for us from machine trader to manufacturer. Trader only need to focus on buying and selling the goods but the manufacturer is more difficult to run a business.

We need lots of human resource such as designer, procurement, assembler….. so that’s very hard when start, and we also have lots of local competitors and it is really difficult for us to obtain the first order in Taiwan.

Therefore, we Committed to developing overseas markets.

vastuna gundrilling machine

As a local manufacturer in Taiwan, we create high-quality deep hole drilling machine with a new concept. Hope that we can keep some good products in our hometown, showing that we also profession in deep hole industry.

Finally,at the beginning of

Vastuna have a customer who appreciates our high-quality deep-hole drilling machine-Haoway Precision Co., Ltd.,

They bought the model:R1-2000R that can drill depth of 2000mm.

This is the first machine that we sold in Taiwan.


As the high quality machine, Our customer took lots of order of this machine.

This machine has very stable accuracy and outstanding efficiency.

gundrilling service
gundrilling machine vastuna

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gundrilling machine
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gundrill guide bush

Gundrill Tool parts

Gundrill tool parts Gundrill system needs a chip box and some steady rests for supporting gundrills.  We need some parts to  link the machine with

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vastuna gundrilling machine

Gundrill and BTA tool parts

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