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Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

✦ Deep hole processing experts

Full Cheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. − The company was founded in 1979, Located in Taichung, a professional gundirill deep hole drilling process factory, Mr. Zhong is the boss who has lots of experience and technology in metal processing, expert in deep hole drilling.
Full Cheng already used the Mitsubishi controller system to do the drilling process before 30 years ago. They also develop and manufacture own drilling machine.
In the industry of deep hole processing, they can be regarded as an expert with lots of deep hole experience.

full cheng

In 2017 Taipei machine exhibition (TIMTOS), Because of the fate, we know Mr.Zhong. In front of him, we are undoubtedly deep hole processing industry in the later generations, there are still many things to learn.

We were also very grateful to Full Cheng for providing the stage to give us the opportunity to show the value of our machine and provide the best services to them.

✦ After a lot of efforts...

After more than one year of efforts, we finally successfully completed the machine to the guests and let them provide the more higher goods to their customer.

At the same time, Full Cheng also successfully introduced the vertical micro-drilling machine as we cooperation with Mollart, a 90-year-old deep hole drilling company in UK.

That machine is the Mollart first machine in Taiwan.

✦ Insist on providing the best

Because we care about the machine quality, so we would rather dalay the delivery of the machine to achieve the best quality. When customer used the machine after giving us the appreciation and recognition is the best feedback.  It is our pleasure to be able to sell our machine to Full Cheng and also obtain their admirable.

In an extremely competitive environment, Vastuna is the latest manufacturer in the deep hole drilling industry. Without the relative cost advantage, we can only use our expertise-mechanical design, manufacturing and adjustment manufacturing to highlight our
competitiveness , retain the best quality to our customers.

Vastuna-full cheng