Vastun deep hole drilling machine

Haoway Precision Co., Ltd.

Haoway Precision Co., Ltd.  was processing the spindle quill at the beginning.

Due to the expansion of the business, they got the deep hole processing case of the hollow cooling ball screw. So that they need to increase more equipment.

After bought the first double rotation machine ( R1-2000R) from Vastuna in 2018, that machine has good performance and high quality to provided the stable quality processing with every order, therefore, the customer decided to increase the demand for production capacity.

Use the machine R1-2000R doble-rotation gun drill drilling machine, the maximum drill depth can be 4500mm ; if want to more rapid productivity, it will need more spindle model of the machine.

Vastun deep hole drilling machine
gundrilling machine vastuna
gundrilling service

According to customer demands, Vastuna started to develop the model R2-1500, which have two spindles, can process two workpieces at the same time. For the demand of the quantitative output, this machine can provide more efficient productivity ; the capacity of the drill depth can up to 3500mm.

gundrilling service

After discussed the solution with customer and help them solve the problem, we recommended they purchased the model R2-1500. The customer were incredibly important in our line of business and ordered the R2-1500 machine from Vastuna to solve the problem of insufficient production capacity.

In 2019, Vastuna successful delivery machine R2-1500 double-rotation gundrill machine to Haoway precision Ltd. We insist on offering the best quality to customer from design to finished the machine ; every process all passed the several inspection.. And we also had high repurchase rate on our machine. That is our customer gave us the greatest encouragement and affirmation.

Vastun deep hole drilling machine
Vastun deep hole drilling machine

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