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What is Gundrilling system?

Gundrilling system

The characteristic of the single flute gundrilling process is that coolant is fed through the coolant hole in the tool and exits along with the chips in the v-shaped groove (flute) on the drill tube from the drilled hole. the coolant also provides lubrication to the drill periphery.

gundrilling system


Vastuna design the high rigidity and high performance Gundrilling machine and Deep Hole Drilling machine basic rich experience of gundrilling, deep hole drilling and machining.

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Gundrill Tool parts

Gundrill tool parts Gundrill system needs a chip box and some steady rests for supporting gundrills.  We need some parts to  link the machine with

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vastuna gundrilling machine

Gundrill and BTA tool parts

system Gundrill tools parts Guide bushFront rubber bushSteady rest bush Read more… system BTA tools parts Guide bushPressure head sealed bushDamper bushPower lock Call us

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